Got my figure back

 With a lot of travel involved for my job, having a monthly gym membership wasn’t practical & having got out of doing any exercise I thought the best way to do this was to find a PT… Enter Jon… I first met him nearly 4 years ago & at this point I had really let my fitness and figure go to the way side… I was very wobbly, very unfit, couldn’t hold the plank for more than 5 seconds without my back hurting and wore big baggy tops and baggy tracksuit bottoms to cover up!

It really didn’t take Jon long to get me fit, he worked with me on exercises I would enjoy and routines that would make me stronger and fitter for playing netball as I had dusted off my trainers and was playing regional again. Annoyingly I didn’t weigh myself at the start but once I did 3 months later I carried on to lose a further 20 lbs! He has put up with my whinging & yawning through early morning sessions, my irritating habit of complaining when he increased the reps each week & had tried to sneak the increase past me and also played to my competitive streak – ‘well you did 30 of those last time….’: Challenge accepted!!! 4 years later including one pregnancy I am still at my lightest & fittest!

He has made the sessions fun/ challenging and will also do routines for me that I can do when I am travelling! He worked with me right through my pregnancy… I think stopping me at 37 weeks when I really struggled to get in & then out of forward lunge – cannot of been an elegant sight! And he subsequently got me back to my previous level of fitness and figure in no time at all after having my little boy.

Very sadly I am moving out the of area otherwise I would still continue with Jon – I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly. Thank you Jon – our training sessions will most definitely be one of the things I miss most about leaving Leamington!!!

Emily (35), Leamington Spa

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