Boxing Training

Jon Bell, Boxing Training Leamington Spa, Coventry and WarwickshireHave you’ve ever tried boxing or boxercise? Sign up for my home boxing courses and enjoy amazing results. It’s a guaranteed way to burn fat and get fit whilst having fun. I provide boxing personal training courses in Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Warwick, Rugby, Coventry and Warwickshire.

The demands in the boxing ring mean that a boxer has to be in top physical condition to compete. My boxing courses are based on a boxers training regime and include skills training mixed with targeted strength and conditioning exercises to get you in great shape. No previous boxing experience is required.


  • It’s a fun and enjoyable way to get fit
  • Learn to punch your bodyweight
  • Burn both calories and fat
  • Tone up your hips, thighs and arms
  • Feel empowered and invigorated
  • Punch out your frustration
  • Improve your heart and lung fitness
  • Improve speed of thought
  • Stress relief

Boxing is a fun and extremely effective way to get fit, lose weight and tone muscles (especially focusing on your arms, legs and abdominals).  During my one-to-one boxing course you will be taught the latest boxing and exercise moves in the comfort of your home by a trained boxing instructor. So if you’d like to get fit but would like to opt for something different and fun, then boxing could be for you.

Courses, suitable for men & women of all ages and ability include:

  • Tailored boxing workouts incorporating boxing skills, skipping, bodyweight and free weight routines.
  • Safe boxing technique from ground up, including the big 5 punches.
  • Progressing your punching power to punch your bodyweight.
  • One to one boxing pad work, including punching combinations, and simulated boxing rounds.
  • Express boxing and skipping workouts for practicing technique at home.
  • No previous boxing experience is required.

Small Groups or Couples
Boxing courses are available for small groups of up to 4 people. The group dynamic is great fun and it works out more cost effective per person. The extra competition can be extremely motivating and will push you to new levels. No previous boxing experience is required and the course will be tailored to the ability levels of the group members.

What Punches will you learn?
boxing punches

During the course you will be taught how to be technically proficient and safe with your punching technique and be able to punch your bodyweight… now that’s powerful!

Take a look at the ‘Big 5’ boxing punches you will learn to throw.

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