Personal Training

Jon Bell, Personal training in Leamington Spa, Coventry and WarwickshiProviding expert, friendly, tailored Personal Training in Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Warwick, Coventry and Rugby. Delivered at your home or choice of venue. No wasted gym membership or travelling time as the service comes to you.

The liveforlife personal training approach is 100% results driven and is based on the following liveforlife training pillars:

  • Fun so you enjoy the journey.
  • Tailored to your age, ability, fitness and health.
  • Variety for stimulation and muscle confusion.
  • Progress through increased training stimuli.
  • Assessment to monitor your progress.
  • Success through 100% goal achievement.

After an initial assessment and consultation an exercise and nutrition programme will be personally designed for you to follow. This will include one-to-one training with a fully qualified and highly trained Personal Trainer. All programmes will include a specific nutrition plan based on your goals, with the level of coaching and support dependent on your requirements. Your tailored programme will include an element of the following training protocols, but the amount of each will be entirely dependent on your goals.

DROP  Body Fat.  All my programmes are carefully designed to ensure that they stimulate the body to burn maximal body fat during and after the workout. Although you may have a goal of losing weight, if you want to improve your body shape you actually need to lose body fat and not muscle. Most well know diets focus entirely on losing weight by restricting calories, resulting in both fat loss and muscle wastage. This loss of muscle actually slows down your metabolism to a snail’s pace almost guaranteeing that you will regain all your weight as soon as you return to a normal calorie diet, however healthy. The key is to use bodyweight and resistance based exercises that will maintain and protect your hard earned and valuable muscle mass whilst encouraging your body to let go of your unsightly body fat.

By skillfully incorporating movement with resistance and progressively increasing the intensity my personalised programme will ensure you burn fat but keep the muscle.

BUILD Muscle.  If you want to look better naked you will need to build and tone your muscles. This approach applies to both men and women looking to increase their muscle strength and tone. With a specifically designed and tailored training programme and nutrition plan it is possible to give you an appropriately toned physique. It is worth mentioning that women do not need to worry about ‘bulking up’ as their unique hormonal balance makes this almost impossible to achieve. Men on the other hand with healthy levels of testosterone, the correct training regime and supporting nutrition can add muscle bulk if so desired.

As part of the initial assessment you will be asked to identify those problem areas that you would like to focus on such as tummy, back of arms, buttocks, thighs. Specific exercises will then be incorporated in your training programme to target those areas.

IMPROVE Fitness.  Do you want to improve your overall fitness level — so as not to get out of breath climbing a set of stairs or to be able to run further or play sports with your kids or friends? If the answer is yes then your tailored programme will include appropriate exercises and training techniques to progressively increase your cardiovascular (heart & lung) fitness. In a personal training environment the most effective and time efficient way is to incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) into your programme. This commonly involves bursts of ‘high intensity work’ such as running, cycling, skipping or jumping followed by periods of ‘rest or recovery’. The aim of the ‘work’ period is to safely raise your heart rate to 85% or more of your maximum heart rate. The great news is that there are many indoor options as well, which makes it a very versatile approach.

This form of training is also effective for fat loss. Intense interval work will raise your body’s metabolic rate long after the exercise session is completed. Post workout fat loss is the end result. Many recent studies have confirmed that the powerful “after-burn” of interval training is more effective (for fat loss) than low-intensity, continuous exercise. Such research assumes that a true maximal effort is applied however. Interval training is like many things in life, you get what you put into it.

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